Illegal Immigrant Trafficker Warns Americans: “We’re Leaving from Tapachula

We continue to see the Biden open border crisis at our southern border.
This month, more than 400 000 illegal migrants will be entering the US. They will be sent across America as unvaccinated, untested immigrants.

Mexico traffickers have never been more outspoken. They are fond of the US open border.

One activist leader Irineo Mujica who is leading the next caravan into the US says, “We are ready for War” as 80,000 migrants wait to move to the north.

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They are certain they have won the war. They will not be stopped by the United States.

Joe Biden’s America is now a nation on the verge of collapse. This country is being destroyed by the Democrats. It’s a war and America is losing.

FOX News reporter Bill Melugin.