CNN Publishes Explainer About How to Convince Your 5-Year-Old They Need a COVID Vaccine

CNN published an explanation on convincing your child, aged five years old, that they require a COVID vaccination.

Pfizer and BioNTech revealed last week that they had asked the US Food and Drug Administration for emergency authorization to allow their vaccines to be given to children under five.

For their propaganda article, the network spoke to pediatrician and child development expert Dr. David Hill — who admits that “the data on the dose for 5- to 11-year-olds is not out yet to be scrutinized.”

He said it all depends on whether the parents are enthusiastic about giving the shot to their children. He went on to admit that there isn’t data available about how these rushed vaccines effect such young children.

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“Kids always want to know, ‘Am I going to be OK?’ As parents, we need to be able to give them honest and reassuring answers. The data on the dose for 5- to 11-year-olds is not out yet to be scrutinized, but based on our experience with the other vaccines, we hope we’re going to be able to say, ‘Yes, this is very safe, and yes this will keep you from getting sick,’” Hill said.

The CNN propagandist then asked, “kids want to know whether they can go on playdates with their friends, visit their grandparents over the upcoming holidays and take pictures with Santa. Do we know yet if that will be possible for vaccinated children?”

The doctor said that this will depend on if everyone does what they’re told and gets the shot.

“I certainly hope that over time, we’re going to see that these vaccines in younger children are super effective, so effective that we can stop taking other precautions. But I think it will really depend on everybody doing their part and squashing this virus to just a point where it’s no longer a major threat,” the pediatrician said.

According to the article, even though children have been immunized against polio, they shouldn’t stop using masks.

When asked why a parent should give their child the vaccine — which they already admitted that they do not have enough data on — the doctor said that parents need to just “trust the process” and let their children be used as guinea pigs.

“Now, our scientists are constantly getting smarter and learning more. That is a strength, but it can be confusing for people who say, ‘Well, you flip-flop. You change your mind. I can’t trust what you tell me.’ But science is a process of constantly learning. Some clues are helpful, but you can’t trust everything you learn. Trust the process,” Hill said.

According to the pediatrician, they can trust this vaccine as other vaccines are effective.

“We know from the history of vaccines, and the history of the Covid-19 vaccine in adults and in children age 12 and older, that giving the vaccine is much, much safer than having your child get Covid-19,” he concluded.