“You Got to be Kidding Me”

Joe Biden snapped at a reporter asking about “potential corruption” with his crackhead son Hunter’s art sales.

The White Houser repeatedly refuses to answer questions about Hunter Biden’s new influence peddling scheme under the guise of selling his garbage artwork.

Last week nearly 200 people attended Hunter Biden’s art show in Hollywood.

Hunter Biden met potential buyers to his art.

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The gallerist, George Bergès, is charging up to $500,000 for Hunter’s artwork.

An artist cannot ever ask for $500,000 to purchase a piece art in their first exhibition.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is the ambassador-designate to India, was among the people who attended Hunter’s art show in Milk Studios last Friday.

Biden snapped at a reporter asking about Hunter’s latest influence peddling scheme.

“Are you concerned about potential corruption with your son’s art sales?” a reporter asked Biden.

“You got to be kidding me,” Biden said as his handlers shielded him from the press.