Pro-Freedom Song Becomes Most Bought Hip Hop Song Of The Day

‘This Is A War’ is a pro-freedom rap released by Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy.

It is about the fight between Americans who want freedom and Americans who don’t.

It became the most-purchased rap song in just one day.

Big League Politics reported: 

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It is now official that This Is A War, an anti-freedom rapper song, which sheds light upon the spiritual war between those who strongly support liberty and those who hate it, has become a viral hit. It is currently the top-selling rap song of the day and was released just one day ago.

Hi-Rez (the well-known rapper) and Jimmy Levy (a 23-year old and rising artist, who produced the song. They are both very happy to be part of this game. It features a powerful chorus and an even stronger message: if you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for nothing.

Jimmy Levy and Hi-Rez, both rappers for the trouble, took to Twitter to respond to the news.

The song is here: