Federal Government Drops ALL Bogus Felony Charges Against Brandon Straka, #WalkAway Founder Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanors in Government Attempt to Break His Spirit

Brandon Straka (Walk Away founder) pled guilty Wednesday, October 6 to a Class A Misdemeanor regarding the offense of disorderly behavior at the US Capitol Grounds in January 2006.

Brandon didn’t go into the US Capitol. Brandon also did not promote violence. However, the corrupt, politicized federal government indicted him with TWO felonies, and one misdemeanor.

Brandon Straka was convicted of crimes as Brandon Straka is an extremely effective grassroots organizer.

Brandon’s story is amazing.He had been a loyal liberal for many years, but he decided to investigate and realized that he couldn’t support the cruelty and lies of the Left.

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Over 300,000 Americans are now part of Brandon’s #WalkAway Movement and they haven’t looked back since!

And THAT’S WHY Brandon Straka was targeted by the corrupt federal prosecutors for attending the rally on January 6.
Brandon is an effective leader. Brandon leads leftists towards the light. And once they Walk Away they DON’T walk back!

After Brandon’s hearing this week where he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct, the demonic media portrayed this as a victory for their cause by proclaiming – Brandon Straka pled guilty for his ROLE “in the Insurrection.”

Brandon spent four years fighting against political violence and advocating civility in American politics.

The December 17th is the date for sentencing.

Some examples of Class B crimes include graffiti, criminal theft, and the theft of property less than $500.

The Gateway Pundit heard more about Brandon’s situation. Brandon was fired by the leftist prosecutors for 10 months. They did it because Brandon is an effective operative. What number of Republican operatives has Trump flipped to 300,000.

We also know from speaking to Brandon’s associates that he has not heard from the Trump campaign or GOP since this nightmare started in January. It is quite tragic.

To all conservatives and popists, it should be obvious that the GOP currently in power is not ready for the fight against the godless Marxists.
There is something that needs to be done.

** You can donate to Brandon’s Walk Away Foundation here.