Entire Country of Lebanon Without Power Following Fuel Shortages

The power supply to the entire country is out of commission.
The reason is the continual shortage of oil for energy-powered plants.

Officials believe the blackout will last for several more days.

It’s sort of like California.

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Disclose TV reported:

The country has no power after two of its largest oil-powered power stations in Lebanon had to close due to lack of fuel.

The affected Zahrani and Deir Ammar thermoelectric power plants had been providing 40% of Lebanon’s electricity, according to their operator, Electricité Du Liban.

According to Reuters, the blackout may last for a few days.

The Lebanese TV broadcaster LBC reports that the electric company responsible is working to fix the issues.

The major disruption comes amid ongoing fuel shortage in Lebanon, which has caused many to close their businesses and forced people to rely on the black marketplace.