Crazy and Corrupt Wisconsin Democrats Want to Audit Republican Audit of Wisconsin’s 2020 Election

Wisconsin has begun to investigate the election results for 2020.  The Democrats in the state don’t like it so they are attempting to find out what is going on and stop it.

Only in Wisconsin, over 100,000 ballots were cast on Election Night 2020 for Joe Biden.

WOW! — The Steal Is On!… With Last Night’s Ballot Dump Wisconsin has 88% Voter Turnout or HIGHER! IT’S EITHER AN IMPOSSIBLE NEW RECORD OR IT’S HORSESH*T

In the Milwaukee region, there was a massive vote dump in the morning.  She laughed at her mistakes.

TRENDINGFederal Government drops all Bogus Felony charges against Brandon Straka. #WalkAway founder pleads guilty to misdemeanors in Government attempts to break his spirit


Now the state attempts to audit 2020 Election results. Democrats, however, are screaming and getting legal advice.

“Why Is It that These Partisan Leftist Lawyers Are Donating Their Time to the Defense?” Former Wisconsin Judge Michael Gableman Gives an Update on His Election Investigation

The Democrats now feel scared and are trying to hold off.

A Dane County circuit judge on Friday ordered Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to release records related to the Republican-led investigation into Wisconsin’s 2020 election.

The ruling came within hours of a public records lawsuit being filed and as the involvement in the investigation of Andrew Kloster, a Republican attorney and former member of President Donald Trump’s administration, continued to raise questions about the credibility of the inquiry, which is being led by retired state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

Are Speaker Vos intelligent enough to realize that the Democrats will continue their election theft if they get away with it?  He doesn’t know the extent of their resistance to an audit, and how serious his task it is for him to win over them.