Way Too Many People Want an All-Powerful President –

No one is surprised that Americans are divided politically. ReallyPeople from opposing tribes are not your friends. It is a work-in-progress, however, to be more dramatic in our mutual hatred so that the temporarily dominant faction cannot be hindered by its opponents. Our nationmen see a Balkanized Future in which new statelets are managed by MAGA, woke, Caesars. If possible, it’s worth trying to prevent this future by finding a solution that allows people to manage their lives without interference from their enemies.

The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics reports that “significant numbers of Trump and Biden voters are willing to disregard democratic tendencies or norms to serve their priorities.” Report last weekaccording to its most recent poll. According to the latest poll, 2/10 Trump voters and Biden voters agree that it would be more beneficial if President Trump could make necessary actions without having to comply with Congress or court orders. [more than 40 percent of both groups at least somewhat agree]Nearly 4 out 10 (41%) of Biden’s voters and 50% (52% of Trump voters) agree it is time for the United States to be split. They favor the secession of the blue and red states from the Union.

These results don’t represent an outlier, they are part of a growing trend. The Democracy Fund Voter Study Group published its results last year. Not notedThat “33 percent of Americans believe that having “a strong leader, who does not have to worry about Congress and elections” would make for a better system of government. 

In a similar vein, Bright Line Watch commenced operations in June 2012. FoundThe “levels expressed support for secession” are alarmingly high with 37% of the respondents indicating their willingness to secede. In each region, secession is supported by the most dominant partisan party. At 66 percent, South Republicans have the most support for the dissolution of the nation. Nearly 47 percent West-Coast Democrats supported creating their own country. 

The researchers concluded, “Rather that support for secession decreasing over the past 6 months, like we anticipated, it rose across every region and within nearly every partisan groups.”

This is more than just frustrated politicians and pundits trying to figure out how to make it work. installing a dictatorOr FracturingThe CountryThese ideas are thought to be intriguing by around half of those who see them as worth serious consideration.

It’s important to emphasize that resentment towards the tribes does not come without being encouraged by higher ups. President Joe Biden saysRepublicans must “get out from the way” to ensure that America is not “destroy”. It sounds very much like the President’s previous words. Donald TrumpHe suggested that Democrats hate our country and could leave. A shared trait that political factions enjoy exchanging is divisive jackassery, but loathe in their enemies is divisional jackassery.

Some people disagree that tribal animosity should be separated into states governed by Caesars or other rulers. At PoliticoRich Lowry is reasonably priced These are the pointsRepublicans and Democrats tend to be separated more by their county boundaries than the state borders. “If there were sovereign red and blue places this wouldn’t look much like the fairly neat division of the United States into 2 in the 1850s. It would more closely resemble post-Peace of Westphalia Europe which has hundreds of entities.” While this presents challenges to the idea of secession as an option, it does not offer an alternative.

Ed Kilgore stated, “Perhaps that if you continue to fight for control of your common country, one or the other could win a popular mandate and exercise real power, changing the facts, breaking the perpetual deadlock.” ProposesAt New York magazineAlthough his solution doesn’t appear to be the best, Popular mandate has always been nothing more than an updated divine right to govern, invoked over objections (and resistance!) by those who do not see it. Imagine that the antagonistic faction of today will give in to their rivals. It is fantasy.

The real solution is to allow people to manage their own lives, free from the control of those who are three quarters of Democrats and Republicans. There should be a precedent for localized controls, maybe something called “federalism.”

Rich Lowry points out that the state aren’t evenly divided into political parties. Instead, divisions occur closer to the local or community level. This can often lead to cities and suburbs being pushed against the rural exurbs. While decentralizing decision making is still logical, it should be done closer than the state capitals. It needs to reach more neighborhoods, families, individuals, and (especially!) individual.

Nate Cohn: “Democracies within sectarian societies often make institutional arrangements to protect minorities, such as minority rights or group rights,” Nate Cohn Not notedIn The New York TimesIn a May article on America’s growing political tensions. He didn’t recommend such an approach for America, but he suggested that it was the only option. This has not happened.

However, even federalism that is constitutionally approved tends not to be supported by those who are out of power here in D.C. There is always a dominant party The supremacy of the federal power—at least for So long as it controlsCongress and the White House. It is highly unlikely that either the Biden or the Trump administration will surrender local authority under some new arrangement. 

Americans must take back control of their lives and not allow others to do the same. That has been done before. state marijuana legalization Sanctuary citiesAnd Second Amendment sanctuariesThese laws allow states and localities the freedom to not enforce federal law. To be truly effective, however, localities and individuals must be more open to defying unwelcome directives from the top. 

Aren’t you ignoring the potential illegalities of those in power? It is. However, defying orders by government officials who don’t like you isn’t as serious as installing Caesar or balkanizing the nation. Americans are better off not fighting for their power and focusing on living normal lives.