The Sims 4: Cottage Living –

This is the classic PC simulation game Sims has finally delivered what fans have hoped for since its inception: illegal family farming. Although its latest expansion pack has not been released yet, The Sims 4, Cottage LivingThe gameplay is located in peaceful rural town. However, there are many unregulated activities.

You can set up a farm with crops and animals such as cows, llamas, and chickens—heedless of zoning rules!—and the products can be sold without any inspection, certification, permit, or authorization required. You can milk your cow right behind your house—even giving it a special treat to produce rainbow milk if you like—and walk right over to the local farmstand to sell it unpasteurized. You can grab eggs from the chicken coop—if one of the prowling foxes hasn’t gotten them first—and sell them to a neighbor without any oversight of the chicken’s growing conditions. Even larger produce can be picked by you and made into preserves, jams or pie. You could also sell them at the fair.

It offers players a way to escape into an “cottage core” fantasy. It is a fantasy because many activities in the Sims universe would be considered illegal. Real family farming involves repeated phone calls to bureaucrats, lots of paperwork, and surprise visits from the chicken police—a lot less fun than this game of peaceful, productive agricultural outlawry.