The Answer to Combatting Communism, the Evil Force Behind the Transition Taking Place in America Today, is the TRUTH (VIDEO)

The truth is the only way to defeat communism and socialism in America.

All of us know there’s an evil force in our country.  Elections are stolen; terrorists receive billions and soldiers are sold to our enemies like sheep. Our pro-growth, stable economic policies, and support for growth are in danger. Lies are everywhere.  Just this week the top individual overseeing our country’s justice system threatened good Americans for speaking their mind.

AG Merrick Garland instructs FBI to mobilise against parents who are opposed to Critical Race Theory, Covid Mandates and Public Schools

Our rights are being stripped away, and children are taught racism to hatred Caucasians.  Big Tech Oligarchs are removing freedoms of speech, and Big Media is pushing all these lies.

TENDINGBiden Refutes Mass Firings, and “Hundreds of People losing Their Jobs” over His Unconstitutional Vax Mandates. (VIDEO).

Is there a way to find the solution?  We need to do something.

The past has been filled with great, courageous leaders who have shown us how to handle situations like these.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn the Russian political prisoner and dissident, shared:

Herein lies the simple, most easy way for us to be liberated.  Even though all lies cover everything, even if they rule the world, let’s resist them in any way we can: Their rule shall not be through me

Vaclav Havel (the Czech dissident and statesman turned President of Czechoslovakia) shared these views:

It is no surprise that the principal pillar of totalitarian systems is living in a lie.  That is the reason. [the truth]That must be stopped more strongly [by the communists]More than any other.

Truth is the only way to find out.  We must all stand together for the truth, individually and collectively.