Manchin Buries His Head in His Hands, Tells Schumer His Unhinged Senate Speech Attacking Republicans Was “F*cking Stupid”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, on Wednesday, caved in to Joe Biden. He said that he would accept an increase in the debt limit through December.

On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer filed cloture in order to close the debate. The senate voted on Thursday night.

With 61 votes in favor, the Senate approved to conclude debate and approve the debt limit increases bill.

Following the vote to end the debate, a final vote was held by US Senate on increasing debt limit.

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The simple majority was needed.

With 50 votes to 48, the Senate approved raising the debt limit by $480billion.

But this still wasn’t good enough for Chuck Schumer.

Schumer exclaimed from the Senate floor on Wednesday night and attacked Republicans.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, pictured burying his face in his hands while Schumer launched an unhinged tirade.


According to Punch Bowl News, Manchin told Schumer his shouting speech from the Senate floor after the debt limit vote was “f*cking stupid.”

Schumer was also addressed by Senator Thune, who told him that his speech was not in line with the law.