Joy Behar Says Black People Should Trust the Vaccines Because ‘…the Experiment Has Been Done on White People’

Joy Behar, cohost of The View raised eyebrows when she urged black people to receive the vaccine.

Behar said that black people shouldn’t have vaccine hesitancy because “…the experiment has been done on white people.”

He was the controversial person who brought up the Tuskegee studies, where untreated Syphilis experimentation on almost 400 Black people took place without their consent. This happened between 1932-1972. The study resulted in the deaths of over 100 people.

Behar stated that this decision was made because she doesn’t blame the black community.

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“How do they get through to people like the black audience, for instance, the African American community, who has been burnt in the past by these Tuskegee experiments and things coming out that have harmed them,” Behar said. “I don’t blame that community for being skittish about it, but I say that so many white people have gotten it now, you know, the experiment has been done on white people now.”

Whoopi Goldberg was a fellow cohost and agreed with Behar.

“The Tuskegee experiment, there are countless things we can point to. This isn’t one. This isn’t one of them. You just said Joy to white people. Here’s the bottom line: It is happening. If you don’t see them with double heads, it’s OK. You know, if you don’t see a tail, it’s OK.”