Fairfax County, Virginia Public Schools Have Also Signed on to a Million Dollar CRT ‘Education’ Package with AG Garland’s Son’s Company Panorama

Another school district is using the Panorama material distributed by the Attorney General’s son-in-law and it’s spending more than a million in doing so.

Merrick Garland (US Attorney General) ordered the FBI to mobilise against parents opposed to the racist critical racism theory (CRT), Monday at their school in New York and elsewhere.

AG Merrick Garland orders FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose Critical Race Theory and Covid Mandates at Public Schools

Then Wednesday we revealed the fact that AG Garland’s son-in-law runs a company that sells CRT literature across the country.  It is a very lucrative business.  Panorama is the name of his company.

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AG Garland Threatens Parents Who Criticize Critical Race Theory (CRT) – His Son-In-Law Sells CRT Books to Schools

We discovered Panorama material was being used by the Clayton Missouri School District, St. Louis County.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Clayton Missouri School District Is Using US AG Garland’s Son-In-Law’s Panorama Books Pushing CRT – Is Your District Too?

We now find out that Fairfax County, Virginia’s largest county is also paying millions to get Panorama material to infect the brains of its children.

The Fairfax Times published a report in September.

Fairfax County Public Schools quietly signed a five-year contract to pay an out-of-state consulting firm, Panorama Education, $1,845,600 from COVID emergency funds for a “Social Emotional Learning Universal Screener” program that will collect personal and private data on 190,000 students districtwide and implement “interventions.”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his physician wife Priscilla Chan are investors in Panorama Education, raising concerns among northern Virginia parents about the consulting firm collecting confidential student information and engaging in the controversial practice of “data mining,” on the pretense of “social and emotional learning,” known as “SEL.”

What’s more, in fine print in the contract, Fairfax County Public Schools says that Panorama Education, listed as “the Company,” has special status with the school district, stating: “…the Company and its Authorized Representatives shall be deemed to be school officials of the School Board, and shall maintain FCPS Confidential Student Records in accordance with all federal state and local laws, rules and regulations regarding the confidentiality of such records.”

The news of the “SEL Screener” has angered parents, already struggling with COVID-19 challenges. “It’s outrageous FCPS is collaborating with a for-profit company funded by Mark Zuckerberg – a fact not transparently relayed to parents,” said Tiffany McCaslin, a Fairfax County mother. “Any involvement by a social media giant with surveys examining students’ mental health is reprehensible.”

Here is a page from Panorama’s web page.

Who else is receiving this ‘education’?