Democrat Party Files Lawsuit to Ensure They Can Steal All Future Pennsylvania Elections through Mail-in Voting

The Democrat Party demanded that all mail-in voting laws be implemented so Democrats are able to steal elections in the foreseeable future.

Wolf, the Governor of Pennsylvania, signed the emergency legislation without approval from the state legislative body in 2020 to allow mail-in voter registration. Republicans couldn’t overturn it in court.

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The Democrats also announced that mail-in elections will be held in New York from Friday.
This is to claim that they are voting rights.

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This is because they know it’s possible to steal future elections.

The Republican Party, however, is not to be found.

This statement was released by the DNC on Friday.

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PDP and the DNC filed an intervene to defend Pennsylvania’s law that allows all voters to vote via mail.

Today, the Democratic National Committee and Pennsylvania Democratic Party are taking action to intervene in litigation brought by 14 Pennsylvania Republican state legislators and a county election official, who claim that allowing all eligible Pennsylvanians to vote by mail without an excuse is impermissible under the Pennsylvania constitution — even though nearly all of them supported the law when it was enacted in 2019 with bipartisan support.

This issue is of direct and deep concern to President Joseph R. Biden as well as Vice President Kamala D. Harris. The Democratic National Committee has asked them to prioritize them.

Pennsylvania law permits all eligible voters to vote via mail, without any excuse. This is similar to 33 other states or the District of Columbia. More than 2.5 million Pennsylvanians cast their ballots by mail in 2020. Participation in elections increases when there is no excuse to vote via mail, regardless of whether it’s for workers or minorities.  “The DNC is taking action to ensure that all eligible Pennsylvania voters are given an equal opportunity to participate in our elections, and we stand ready to step in to defend the freedom to vote wherever partisan lawsuits are brought to attack voters’ ability to cast a ballot,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. 

“It is more important than ever that we keep up the fight for stronger participation in our democracy, and we are proud to stand with our partners to defend the voices of everyday Pennsylvanians,” Nancy Patton Mills is the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman. Additional Background on the DNC’s and PDP’s Legal Action:

Act 77 was a compromise bipartisan agreement to modernize the Commonwealth’s election system. Governor Wolf signed it into law in 2019. Act 77 allows all Pennsylvanians to vote by mail, updates the Commonwealth’s voter registration law, and eliminates straight ticket voting. As Senate President Jake Corman said when the law was signed: “Compromise has given Pennsylvanians a modernized election code that preserves the integrity of the ballot box[,] and makes it easier for voters to choose the people who represent them.” Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler sounded a similar note: “This bill was not written to benefit one party or the other, or any one candidate or single election. The bill was created over many years with the input of Pennsylvanians from various backgrounds. It serves to preserve the integrity of every election and lift the voice of every voter.”