Chris Rufo Unleashed: “They’ve Now Targeted Our Kids

Chris RufoSteve Bannon was on The War Room to discuss his most recent report. The New York PostAmerican schools use critical race theory more than any other.

They were losing their arguments so the far-left demons who used racism to inflict their filth upon children joined the teachers unions, the Biden Administration and called on the FBI for harassment and abuse of American schoolchildren’s parents.

This crime was witnessed, as reported by the media earlier today.

Chris Rufo took aim at the children who push the critique race theory filth upon children as young as 3 years-old, on Friday

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Chri Rufo: “I found the facts… Critical race theory is not the dominant ideology in our public institutions including many of our K-12 school districts in dozens of our big cities… Parents know what’s happening at these public schools is wrong. It’s morally a transgression against kids, it’s a violation of their conscience and basic rights. Parents are up in arms. It is everywhere. And I see this as one of the greatest grassroots rebellions of our time… We are poised for a tsunami because the radical left has overstepped itself. They’ve now targeted our kids. They’ve now classified our parents as domestic terrorists. We’re not going to back down.”