Bill Kristol vs. Scott Horton –



U.S. Foreign Policy: Bill Kristol vs. Scott Horton

The date is October 4, 2021 Bill KristolEditor-at-large: The Bulwark They were upheld Scott HortonThe Libertarian Institute participated in an Oxford-style discussion on U.S. Foreign Policy at Symphony Space, New York City. 

Kristol, who was the founder editor of The Weekly Standard John McCain’s foreign policy advisor, and chief of staff to Vice President Dan Quayle.

Scott Horton is the writer of We have had enough: It is time to stop the War on Terrorism Fool’s Errand – Time to Stop the War in Afghanistan He is’s editorial director and host of AntiWar radio as well as the Scott Horton podcast.

The Soho Forum hosted the debate with director Gene EpsteinModeration.

Narrated and narrated by Nick Gillespie. Thumbnail by Brett Raney.