Bill Kristol and Scott Horton Debate U.S. Interventionism at the Soho Forum –

This will be October 4, 2021 Bill KristolEditor at Large of The Bulwark Against Scott HortonSymphony Space in New York City hosted an Oxford-style debate by the Libertarian Institute on U.S. foreign policies.

Kristol was an important proponent for the invasion of Iraq and the founding editor. The Weekly Standard John McCain’s 2008 Presidential Campaign foreign policy advisor. He was also Chief of Staff to Vice-President Dan Quayle.

Scott Horton is the writer of We have had enough: It is time to stop the War on Terrorism Fool’s Errand – Time to Stop the War in Afghanistan He is the editor of as well as the host of Antiwar Radio, and The Scott Horton Show.

The Soho Forum was the host of this debate with Gene Epstein as moderator.

Narrated by Nick Gillespie. Production by Four Corners Media. Intro edited by John Osterhoudt.

Photos by Brett Raney and Gage Skidmore, Peoria (AZ), United States of America. CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons