Back from Kabul, Trey Yingst Reports: “There Are THOUSANDS of Green Card Holders on the Ground in Afghanistan

Trey Yingst, FOX News’ foreign correspondent, recently returned to Afghanistan. He covered Kabul after the Taliban have taken control of the area and the Americans had left.

Yingst dropped a few bombs against the corrupt Biden government and on this historical disaster in Afghanistan.

Trey Yingst: According to one report, there was an option that Americans could have kept Kabul secure during evacuations.  They received an offer from Taliban.  And they said ‘no.’…

…The State Department continues repeating this number, there are 100 American citizens and US green card holders, legal residents left behind in Afghanistan. It’s not true.  It’s just simply not true.

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Kennedy:  How many are there?

Trey Yingst:  Thousands. There are still thousands of Afghan green card holders.  Only a few American citizens remain, while thousands of Americans who have been aided by the American forces for the last 20 years, such as translators or allies, are still in Afghanistan.  And mission workers… Some of these people will die as a result of the decisions that were made during this withdrawal.