“FAKE PRESIDENT” Trends on Twitter after Biden Again Uses the Fake White House Set Instead of White House

Joe Biden uses the production set of the White House again and as a result “FAKE PRESIDENT” trends on Twitter. 

This story was first published last week when we discovered that Joe Biden had taken his COVID booster shot near the White House, and not inside the White House.

How can you explain this? Biden Gets Booster Shot at the Set Production of his Fake White House

Yesterday, “FAKE PRESIDENT” trended on Twitter as Biden used the fake production set again.  100percentfedup reported:

TENDINGUniversity of Colorado Hospital System denies Women’s Life Saving Kidney Transplant. They Will Not Provide Organ Transplants for Unvaccinated Patients

Today’s comments on the raising of the debt ceiling saw Biden use the Oval Office fake AGAIN, and include fake Spring flowers inside the fake window. With this presidency, everything is smoke and mirth.

Biden sat before the fake window, causing people to comment on the faux Spring flowers.

Our observations of last week seem to have struck a chord and now people notice the absurd show Joe Biden (now called the Truman Show Presidency).

Others question if he’s even allowed in the White House.

What a clown show… er Truman Show we are watching.