EXCLUSIVE: Australian Attorney Tony Nikolic on COVID Mandates in Australia

Australia attorney Tony Nikolic is representing individuals in Australia against the state’s COVID tyranny.  In the audio, we discussed Australia’s situation as well as the parallels with the US.

Attorney Tony Nikolic is the Managing Director at Ashley, Francina, Leonard & Associates in the Greater Sydney, Australia area.  Recent cases related to COVID in Australia and vaccine policies have been extensively involved.

For example, Nikolic is representing Kristian Pulkownik who was arrested following Sydney’s lockdown protests.  Pulkownik was allegedly beaten by a horse during protests against COVID’s harsh and restrictive freedom policies.

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According to Australia’s

The picture captures Mr Pulkownik in a yellow singlet emblazoned with the words “free speech” making contact with the horse “Tobruk”.

During a successful bail hearing last month, Mr Pulkownik’s lawyers claimed he did not instigate any act of violence against the horse and that he was fending it off as it moved towards him amid the scuffle between police and protesters.

Parklea Correctional Centre held him for 2 1/2 weeks. His bail application had been held up after he refused to submit to a Covid testing in jail.

Nikolic is most famous for the #HoldTheLine slogan he coined and his letter addressed to Brad Hazzard, Australian New South Wales Minister of Health and Medical Research.  Nikolic’s letter is provided below.

Jim Hoft, Scribd: Letter to NSW Health Minitser

Nikolic shared with us that COVID mandates have led to many businesses being closed in Sydney, which is similar to what has happened in large American cities.  Nikolic said that Aussies are tired and ready to take action.  The idea of mandated vaccines by executive order has never happened before in the country’s history.

Nikolic received much of his research from people across the US.   He calls the vaccines the ‘World’s Biggest Clinical Trial’.  He claims that you can’t experiment on patients with vaccines not fully tested, as this is happening right now. This is against the Nuremberg Code.

Nikolic shared the following message with us during our conversation:

Please keep your distance.  Keep the line.  Australia sees the US, as a big sibling and brother.  You guys are like this to us.  And you know we’re always with you guys and always have been.  And as far as I’m concerned we always should be.  We have the deepest respect.

I say this, “Hold the line, ok.”  Because our people have political rights that should never be infringed and we should never, ever allow this to happen again.  This is a call to action.  This is a call for action.  All of us need to come together.  This is what we must do.

Below is the audio recording of our conversation.

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