VA Dem Gov. Candidate Terry McAuliffe Admits, ‘Joe Biden Is Unpopular Today Unfortunately Here in Virginia’ (VIDEO)

American citizens hate Joe Biden, which is why Democrats seeking office distain themselves from him.

Terry McAuliffe, a Virginia Democrat gubernatorial Candidate said the quiet portion loudly and acknowledged Joe Biden’s unpopularity during a zoom call.

Terry McAuliffe was an old Clintonite.

The Clintons are funding McAuliffe’s gubernatorial run…AGAIN.

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McAuliffe faces Glenn Youngkin in a close race. He knows Joe Biden’s low poll numbers will not help his cause.

“We gotta get Democrats out to vote. As you all know, Washington is causing a lot of problems for us. The president is unpopular today unfortunately here in Virginia, so we have got to follow through,” Terry McAuliffe said.


Terry McAuliffe may be distancing from Joe Biden, but Joe Biden boasts about being the most beloved US President ever.

Earlier Tuesday Joe Biden claimed he’s the most popular president in US history.

Thousands of Trump supporters holding “F*ck Joe Biden” signs lined the streets on Tuesday to greet Biden as he arrived in Howell, Michigan.

Biden was triggered by the signs and said the thousands of Trump supporters carrying ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ signs is why he got 81 million votes.

“And not withstanding some of the signs that I saw coming… that’s why 81 million Americans voted for me. The largest number of votes in American history,” said Biden.