Health Dept. Gets Court Order to Force Healthy Unvaccinated Wisconsin High School Student Into Quarantine Under Guard Despite Previous Infection

A court ordered a Wisconsin High School freshman to be quarantined at home last week after she was exposed to COVID. The student, who had not been vaccinated earlier in the year, refused to leave school.

Mikaila Spiess, a fourteen-year-old Eau Claire freshman high school student, stood firm against an order from the Health Department to keep her home. Instead, she showed up at school to take classes. Spiess was placed in a room without the principal by Eau Claire high school.

Mikaila Spiess, image via Dan O’Donnell/Twitter

Spiess was then given a quarantine, enforced by guards. However, the guards were never deployed to Spiess’ home.

Spiess was cleared of COVID this weekend and allowed to go back to school.

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Spiess’ mother, Kita Busse made her case public on Facebook, and the stunning story was reported by Wisconsin Right Now (excerpt):

An Eau Claire County judge, Sarah Harless, has ordered a 14-year-old Eau Claire teenager – Mikaila Spiess – temporarily quarantined, and the county is seeking her confinement for longer, after the girl refused to stay home from school after being labeled a “close contact” with someone who had COVID-19, court records show. The judge’s order even says “guards may be posted” at the girl’s home to make sure she doesn’t leave.

The school district obtained a “court order by the end of the day with four armed police officers ready to remove her from school,” the girl’s mother, Kita Busse, says. She confirmed that the school district and the teenage are now engaged in civil litigation over the matter. Busse confirms that the girl has been placed in quarantine at her house.

Court records show that the judge, having reviewed the petition of the Eau Claire City-County Health Officer, ordered Mikaila Spiess temporarily confined “for the purposes of quarantine” pending a hearing held within 72 hours, excluding weekends and legal holidays. The Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department or City of Eau Claire Police Department were authorized to detain and transport Mikaila Spiess to her home in Eau Claire if necessary.

“Guards may be posted” in compliance with Wisconsin state statutes and Wisconsin administrative code, the order says…(copy of court order at source link.)

Empower Wisconsin reports that even though she passed her COVID test negative on Sunday, her government forbade her from returning to class Monday as it waited on the resolution of the court order (excerpt).

Mikaila Spiess, after she was locked out of school by an overzealous director of health, can now return to school.

Today, an Eau Claire County judge revoked a public court order that required the Eau Claire High School freshman of 14 to be kept in quarantine. The Tuesday hearing that was scheduled has been cancelled.

Mikaila, her mother Kita Busse and Mikaila, tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday afternoon.

But Eau Claire City-County Health Department Director Elizabeth “Lieske” demanded the girl stay home Monday until the judge resolved the case. Busse stated that this was just the latest act of vindictiveness by an inflexible, unelected health bureaucrat.

“Lieske (Giese) told me that she was prepared to remove (Mikaila) today if she shows up to school,” the mother said. The health czar truculently pushed her power trip even as the county attorney assured Busse the case would be dismissed upon the negative test result, Busse said…

Wisconsin radio host Dan O’Donnell wrote about Spiess’ battle, calling her Joan of Eau Claire (excerpt):

The smallest sparks have lit the flames of revolution throughout history. The flicker of rebellion—often from the unlikeliest of sources—engulfs a people and inspires them to burn down the tyranny that has subjugated them.

Even though the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against the harshest COVID restrictions ever, some tinpot rulers at local health departments continue to do their best in keeping their towns as miserable as they can.

Fortunately, the spark of rebellion is still flickering and in Wisconsin it lies in a teenaged girl whose civil disobedience has exposed the absurdity of her city’s quarantine rules and made her into something of the state’s Joan of Arc.

You can call her Joan of Eau Claire.

Mikaila Spiess, a freshman at Eau Claire Memorial high school, received a notification last week that she had come into contact with a COVID-19-positive classmate. She would be placed in quarantine for seven days if her test is negative, and 14 days if it was positive.

Mikaila who is known by her nickname Pixie immediately recognized the unfairness of this. Vaccinated students who show no COVID symptoms don’t need to quarantine at all, and although she is unvaccinated, she had contracted the disease earlier this year and has natural immunity…

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