Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Goes After Corrupt AG Garland

Florida’s governor DeSantis won’t put up with a corrupt Biden Attorney General.  AG Garland was politely informed by DeSantis that Florida would stand for free speech rights.

Last night Biden’s corrupt Attorney General instructed his political and corrupt FBI to go after concerned American parents who speak out against the racist critical race theory or the deadly COVID mandates in schools.

AG Merrick Garland orders FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose Critical Race Theory and Covid Mandates at Public Schools

Biden’s gang is more like a communist or nazi regime than any prior Administration other than Obama’s.  Many Americans think Obama, George Soros, or China are behind this terror fest.

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Red State reported on Garland’s actions:

While Garland spoke about “threats,” he didn’t identify any threats or concerns which would qualify as federal criminal action requiring such interference in the parents’ rights to express themselves. It seemed as though the announcement was intended to limit their freedom of speech. Normally, if there was any actual “threat,” it would come within the purview of local law enforcement. There’s no requirement to make what would already be illegal More illegal. What are they actually saying? What’s actually happening with this edict from the Biden Administration?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has championed the rights of parents to speak on behalf of their own children — something that should be self-evident and unquestionable — threw down the gauntlet, speaking out against this troubling announcement from Garland.

In response to Garland’s communist action, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shared:

Biden’s gang stole the election and are willing to destroy our country to satisfy their power and greed.