Civil Action to Take When You’re a Victim of Pharmaceutical Drug Gone Wrong

A healthcare professional’s prescription could have severe consequences for a patient when he or she gives the incorrect medicine, dosage, or defective product. The cause of the harm that you or someone in your family suffered as a result of a prescription error may give rise to a claim for compensation due to medical negligence.

Whether your doctor gave you the wrong dosage or the dispenser at the pharmacy gave you the incorrect instructions, talk to pharmaceutical lawyers and they will listen to you to find out if you can pursue a wrong prescription claim. They can guide you through the prescription error claims process.

How Do These Accidents Happen?

A GP or other medical professional handles our prescriptions with trust. Safety and care are expected.

In most cases, we take the medication according to the prescription we were given and do not question the quality, strength, or dose of the medicine. The dosage and medicine are correct, so we are taking them accordingly. Errors in prescriptions do happen.

You might be able to receive compensation if you have been given the wrong prescription. Here at Napoli Shkolnik, we specialize in helping people with medication errors. An expert member of our team will work with you to understand what happened. You may be entitled to compensation if you have a claim.

Knowing the different types of prescription errors could help you determine whether or not your experience was caused by the wrong medication being prescribed. Some of these include:

  • An incorrect medication is given to a patient for a condition they do not have
  • A dose that was prescribed incorrectly
  • I was given the wrong instructions
  • Long-term prescription of medicine without review
  • Multiple medications prescribed, which usually cancel out each other’s effects or interact adversely with one another
  • During hospitalization or care home, a mixup may lead to a patient receiving medication prescribed to another person
  • An allergic patient is given medication
  • Being given mal-made products

The wrong prescription can be given at two points during the process:

Wrong Prescription by a Doctor

No matter whether you’re in the hospital or visiting your GP, clinical negligence occurs if your doctor prescribes the wrong drug. They may give you an incorrect dosage or strength of the medication.

You might get sicker or have a severe reaction to this. A medical error might be fatal or dramatically impact your health.

Dispensary Making an Error

It might have been the doctor’s fault for prescribing the correct dose and drug. But what if the pharmacist makes a mistake? You could be given someone else’s prescription, receive the wrong product, or have the wrong dosage directions on the label. A prescription error can be extremely harmful to your health.

What Steps Should You Take To Make A Claim?

Make a wrong prescription claim if someone gave you the wrong prescription when they should have known what to do.

A prescription error claims expert will review the details of your case when you contact them. They will try to show medical negligence. The pharmacy will ask you to give as much detail as possible about the medication, the dosage, and the location of the error. You’ll also be asked about the impact of this wrong prescription on your health and the losses you have suffered.

A legal firm’s aim is to determine if you can claim and what you may be eligible for. Their team will talk to you about the next steps and explain the claims process if they are able to take care of your claim. They can inform you whether you could receive compensation for lost wages, travel expenses, physical pain, or stress.