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4 Reasons Even Small Businesses Need a Data Center

Online utilities and techniques have been so freeing for small businesses and startups that now humble operations can run on a shoe-string budget, sometimes with the owning partners never actually meeting in person until years down the line. That can be quite tough to wrap our heads around when considering the ‘oughts’ of business management.

Yet with all our attention on saving money, eschewing tradition, and figuring out ways around rather than through certain considerations, it’s also true to say that there are some essentials so important, they’re worth investing in no questions asked.

A good example is that of in-house IT networks. If you curate your servers, all of your infrastructure, and cybersecurity processes yourself, you’ll be wasting valuable money maintaining arrangements when you could be using that operational budget and labor elsewhere.

This is the exact reason why many small businesses are choosing to chase cloud desktop hosting and managed IT services as standard. With access to an outsourced data center securely hosting all of your business files, curated by a reliable third party, you’ll benefit in a myriad of ways. Let’s discuss those benefits below:

Heightened Security

Third party managed IT providers are focused on the management of their servers 24/7, and that also includes attending to the latest cybersecurity updates and defense techniques. Furthermore, complying with the latest cybersecurity legislation is an essential parameter for many businesses to justifiably continue operations. With a managed provider making sure those updates are implemented as standard. That’s an entire planning and execution procedure your firm doesn’t have to concern itself with.

24/7 Maintenance

Managed providers and the data centers they curate are operational 24/7, and that means 24/7 maintenance. Even with a stocked IT team, it’s difficult for small businesses to truly attend to their IT systems around the clock. With a managed data center, downtime is reduced and sometimes eschewed entirely outside of scheduled maintenance. Issues are dealt with quickly should you report them.

Disaster Recovery

If a data center fails to function, the entire lifeblood and operational capacity of your small business goes with it. This is why managed providers secure their data centers against disasters and physical security threats. They also back up data, meaning that if an ultra-rare disaster does occur, procedures are in place to restore you back to operational capacity as soon as possible.

Efficiency & Value

Managed providers operate at scale. This means that they can afford to make use of economies of scale, leveraging their infrastructure to remain cost-effective for their clients. It’s simply impossible for a small independent business to run a data center as competently or as cost-efficiently as a managed service provider who has one of their main business goals. It’s hard not to see just how much value and opportunity that provides, and why finding a data center in Idaho will no doubt help you realize just what cost-effective and ultra-reliable services are on offer.