Eterneva Has The Answer For Revolutionizing The Deathcare Industry

The funeral industry has experienced minimal change over many years. However, in recent times, new bereavement support companies offer new and innovative ways to deal with grief. Technology is helping to modernize the death care industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, companies are looking to help people deal with grief and heal after losing a loved one. 

A startup like Eterneva helps people eternalize the memory of their loved ones in a diamond. They use the natural process that forms diamonds in the earth’s mantle. These include pressure, heat, carbon, and time. The carbon comes from the ashes of your loved one. Eterneva offers a seven-stage journey over 9 months. 

How Eterneva Is Revolutionizing the Death Care Industry in Seven Steps

Eterneva provides seven steps to help you overcome the grief of your loved ones and turn their ashes into a diamond. The  steps include:

Stage One: The Welcome Kit

The first step in the process is to order the Welcome Kit. It features instructions, a video, return postage, and what you need to send your loved ones ashes to Eterneva. They have a mobile team ready to help you to handle the ashes. 

Stage Two: Carbon Purification 

Eterneva uses this stage to isolate carbon from other elements in hair or ashes. Most of the carbon burns off during cremation. However, carbon in the bones known as carbonate remains. The purification process isolates this carbon from all other elements. Carbon makes up 0.5% to 4% of the remains. Eterneva takes about one and a half to two months to purify and extract the carbon. The purification process results in a carbon graphite powder, which is the starter material Eterneva uses to make the diamond. They share a video of the transformation of ashes to carbon. You can also get testing for the total carbon content in your loved one’s ashes. Eterneva offers free third-party testing services.

Stage Three: Diamond Growth 

Eterneva has machines that can replicate the diamond growing conditions under the earth. These conditions are pressure of 850,000 per square inch and a temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The diamond growing conditions cause your loved one’s carbon to crystallize on a diamond seed over time to become a raw diamond. 

Eterneva also has some of the best scientists in the world at facilities in Austin, Texas, and Germany to conduct diamond growth. The scientists have to find the perfect combination of pressure and heat for the carbon of your loved one because everyone has a unique carbon. Diamond growth takes about two to three months, and Eterneva videos the entire process for you. 

Stage Four: Diamond Quality Assessment

Eterneva conducts a quality assessment on the diamond after it has fully formed. The scientists scan it to ensure the target size and shape fit raw diamond without visible inclusions. Eterneva focuses on quality rather than speed at this stage because they want to make your loved one’s diamond perfect. 

Stage Five: Diamond Cutting

After the quality assessment, a master cutter takes over the diamond and shapes it with absolute care and precision. The diamond cutting stage takes about a month. The diamond cutters have over 45 years of experience, according to Eterneva. Eterneva understands that the cutting stage has the biggest influence on the quality and sparkle of a diamond. Therefore, they usually work with the best diamond cutters. 

Stage Six: Diamond Coloration 

The diamond coloration stage is an additional stage that happens if you select a green, black, or red diamond for your loved one. Eterneva creates color by combining high-energy particles with natural elements such as Boron and Nitrogen. The diamond will have a beautiful coloration thanks to the color centers that form throughout the stone. It takes one to three months for the coloration process to complete. Black diamonds take three months to become completely opaque. 

Stage Seven: Grading, Engraving, and Setting

Eterneva makes diamonds that are 100% real. They work with IGI USA to certify the diamond’s clarity, color, and cut. Moreover, they can use a microscopic laser to engrave a personal inscription on the diamond. Grading and engraving take about one month. 

Eterneva also works with you to determine the custom diamond setting. Setting preparations start after the diamond has been cut because the jewelers require your diamond’s dimensions for a set design. 

Eterneva Diamonds 

Modern advancements in the death care industry are helping loved ones deal with grief differently and save on cost. Eterneva offers to turn your loved one’s diamonds into ashes in a 9-month long journey that they will also film. The company is inspired by Adelle Archer’s (the co-founder) search for a new way to memorialize her mentor and dear friend’s remarkable life.