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Living in a Van? Here Are Some Vanlife Must-Haves!

The vanlife is not for everyone, but there are a plethora of reasons why it can be hugely beneficial and attractive. Not only does a campervan/motorhome provide you with a place to live, you can take it on the road, it is half the price of a regular home and it is yours to keep forever.

There is no denying the beauty of waking up at the foot of a mountain in your van, or cruising along the coast line looking for a place to pull over for dinner. The freedom it brings you is unprecedented and the popularity of them is on the rise. The van life is essentially the freedom of being able to live nomadically.

Here are some items (with life hacks included), to ensure that your van life is made easier and offers you the coveted freedom that you have always dreamed of. 

Finding Extra Space 

You don’t have to fully commit to the minimalist life in order to enjoy life on the road. Even after installing space-saving cabinets or a bed with storage space underneath, you may just have too many belongings to travel comfortably. Or, you may want to hang on to your furniture to use again once you’re ready for a permanent home again.

Renting out a personal storage unit near your home base is a great idea. If you have too much stuff to carry around in the one van, you can keep some of it in storage for a set amount of time. For Utah travelers, a Provo self-storage facility is a great option for storage near home base. 

Multifunctional Kitchen Supplies

The equipment of your camping kitchen naturally depends on you. Do you like to cook, or do you prefer to go out to eat? The number of plates, glasses and pots depends on how many people are there. Always remember: if you forget something, you can still buy most of it on the go.

Everything should be stowed away safely. Buy products that are light and do not break easily; bio-plastic is great for this. Buy multi-functional supplies that will offer you practicality for a small space.

A Clothes Line

When you’re on the road so often, you may not always have time to stop at a laundromat. Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and wash the laundry, often by hand, then find a way to dry the laundry. A clothes line is a simple solution to drying your clothes while you’re parked for the night. This random but important must-have will serve you well!

Anti-Theft and Security Items

Owners of older models in particular should also protect their vehicle against theft, especially if a standard immobilizer is missing in the mobile. Those who shy away from the expense of retrofitting an alarm system or immobilizer can help themselves with a hidden switch that paralyzes the starter or the fuel supply.

Another simple solution: the battery switch interrupts the camper’s electrical circuit. The Cadillock 4000 battery monitor offers double protection, for example. Take the time to look at the best locks for your van, to ensure that it is free from theft and an alarm system to act as a deterrent.