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Wood vs. Gas for Commercial Grilling

There’s nothing quite like the taste of grilled food. For restaurant owners, taste and flavor are crucial so how do you go about making sure that your diners rave about the meals you serve and come back for more? Choosing the right grill is an excellent place to start. In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of wood and gas for commercial grilling. 

Wood vs. gas for commercial grilling

Both wood and gas offer advantages for restaurant owners, chefs and diners. The key to making the right decision when serving customers high-quality grilled food lies in choosing when to use gas and when to opt for wood to achieve the best possible flavor. Talented chefs can utilize commercial grills to elevate their cooking to the next level, providing diners with mouthwatering feasts.

Wood grills

Wood-fired grills have a unique ability to create a rich, smoky flavor, which enhances the taste of fish and meat and provides a distinctive quality. Using wood to grill requires careful management but it is possible to invest in innovative commercial grills that boast features such as built-in burners and the option to accelerate cooking to save time on busy nights when there are lots of covers to get through. The beauty of a wood grill lies in the simplicity of the cooking process, which produces a deep, authentic, rustic flavor.

Gas grills

Gas grills are a popular option for restaurant owners because they are functional, practical, quick and easy to control. Gas grilling is usually also much cleaner and it can be more efficient. 

When to use wood and gas grills

When deciding which commercial grill to buy, it’s always beneficial to weigh up the pros and cons and to make a decision based on the type of dishes you serve, the requirements and preferences of your customers, your budget and the flavor you’re looking for. Wood is a standout when grilling meat, fish and vegetables as it adds a unique, intense smoky flavor but there are downsides. Gas grilling is quicker, easier and cleaner and you can add elements and accessories to diversify the range of foods you can cook. 

One solution you may wish to consider if you want to enjoy the benefits of both wood and gas grilling in your restaurant is a wood-burning gas grill. There are grills that combine technologies to achieve the burst of flavor you get with wood grills while also reaping the rewards of cooking on a gas grill. With a grill that uses both wood and gas, you can enjoy better value for money and ease of use, reduce mess and take taste and flavor to another level. 


There are advantages and disadvantages of using both wood and gas for commercial grilling. While wood adds a deep, smoky flavor that is impossible to recreate with charcoal or gas, grilling with gas is simpler, faster and cleaner. For those who don’t want to compromise, there is a solution. Grills that use both technologies enable restaurant owners to enjoy the best of both worlds.