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Photo courtesy of Volunteer Park Trust: People working during Volunteer Park Trust's Fall Restoration Day.
Photo courtesy of Volunteer Park Trust: People working during Volunteer Park Trust's Fall Restoration Day.
Thursday, October 13, 2016 11:36 AM
Volunteer Park Trust chairman Brian Giddens shares what's been going on in the park and what's ahead.
  • It would be easy to blame Mayor Ed Murray for pulling the plug, since his office sent the news release last Friday, after five but before six, as has become common custom for the city executive when needing to transmit bad news.
  • Importance of protest in a Trump United States
    The night of Nov. 8, I stood outside of Uncle Ike’s on 23rd and Union, watching with stunned appreciation as the line of people clamoring to get inside snaked through the parking lot. There were more people than I’d ever seen in a pot shop standing outside of this one tonight.
  • Democracy vouchers a worthy experiment for public financing
    Among the typical deluge of bills and junk mail, something else arrived in many Seattle mailboxes earlier this month.
  • Tell you what: I’ve lived in Capitol Hill, off and on, for 32 years. Now it’s time to hit the trail, take off, pack it in, ship out, shove off, shake a leg, make like a baby and head out, amscray, beat it, scoot, split, blow this popsicle stand, clear out, push off, make tracks and kiss this clip-joint goodbye. I’ve got my reasons, not least of which is the ridiculous cost of living here.
  • There’s no arguing that keeping children out of jail would be a great accomplishment for our criminal justice system, and we’ve seen the King County Prosecutor’s Office, in just this past year alone, creating programs aimed at doing just that.
  • Get Engaged 2016-2017 Cohort letter opposing new youth jail

    Get Engaged 2016-2017 Cohort - a group of youth commissioners committed to social justice in Seattle - sent this letter opposing the new Children and Family Justice Center to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine on Dec. 27. 

  • Concerned about all the talk about the Cascadia Earthquake Zone, I’ve been investigating disaster preparation for my co-op building, with the thought of also sharing it with you readers. Unexpectedly, on Nov. 8, it was our nation’s civic fissures that cracked open, sending tremors likely to shake our world far into the future. 
  • Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw praised new homelessness director George Scarola last week during a council committee meeting, where the former education lobbyist with the fancy new title and some other likewise important city employees laid out how a 24/7 navigation center meant to shelter the homeless and provide them with access to various human services wouldn’t be open by January, as planned.
  • Noise is a subjective subject — one man’s music is another man’s madness-trigger. I happen to have sensitive ears, which is truly unfortunate, because I’m also a din-magnate. Loud, pointless clamor seeks me out wherever I am, and follows me wherever I go, gathering strength beneath the window in whichever room I happen to be occupying. 
  • Capitol Hill Chamber director reflects on her first year on the job
    Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce executive director Sierra Hansen weighs in on her first year on the job, the successes in 2016 and the trajectory for next year.
  • We can’t afford to give in to the hate mongering that has been set loose by this latest national election. Seattle is still a nationally recognized freedom zone and we must keep it that way.
  • Our ask this week is that the powers that be in a land of a thousand government-funded pilot programs do the right thing and don’t forget the squeaky wheels when it comes time for implementation.
  • There goes the neighborhood
    Ordinarily, building trends down there wouldn’t affect Capitol Hillbillies, but over time, this gulag aesthetic has been leaching into many surrounding neighborhoods, including this one. Perhaps it’s time we took a stand.
  • Trump’s coming to Thanksgiving
    Many a Seattleite will stand strongly behind their political ideals, but there are certain challenges when it comes to rebuking garbage talk from kinfolk. Yelling is fine, but then you’ll just be the one at Thanksgiving who came by with your BS liberal hyperbole and ruined what could be Nana’s last Thanksgiving.
  • I am an immigrant from the former Soviet Union; I am a refugee; and I am an educator.  Being a Russian-Jewish immigrant who has worked with young people and teachers across this country affords me a unique perspective, one that I hope will help me better grasp what this country is experiencing.
  • Part II: Getting around ... or not
    Life in Capitol Hill used to be glamorous, gleeful and glorious. Now it’s somewhat glum and glabrescent, as evidenced by the number of shaved heads on display in The Baltic Room on any given night. This column will be looking at some of the reasons for that. 
  • A letter to Hillary Clinton
    Capitol Hill couple Mark Jacobs and Roger Holst share this letter to Hillary Clinton following the Nov. 8 election results.
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