The incidents reported here are based on the accounts of the officers that responded and reflect their point of view. Suspect noted in this blotter are assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Street fight           

A Seattle Police officer came upon a brawl on the sidewalk at East Pine Street and Boylston Avenue East at 2:15 p.m. Monday, Dec. 5, which resulted in eight people being arrested.

The fight started as a verbal altercation between two groups inside a nearby bar. Parties from one group said the altercation began when a member of the other party was overheard using homophobic and racist language, and did not stop when asked. The dispute grew and soon spilled out to the sidewalk and turned into a all-out brawl. At least one person was knocked unconscious. The fighters were so engrossed in their battle that some of them wouldn’t stop fighting until responding police physically broke them up.

Two suspects attempted to flee, but were caught by pursuing officers. They were also booked for obstruction. Several of those involved in the fight suffered minor injuries, including cuts and bruises to the face.

Neverending stories           

Police encountered a woman who was trespassing on private property in the 700 block of East Union Street at 5:46 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3.

The woman told police she was robbed of her purse, giving several different accounts of what happened. She first said a man wearing a mask punched her in the face and took her purse. She later said she was hit over the head with a beer bottle and two men wearing knit caps took her purse. She said she fell asleep in the doorway of a nearby business because she figured if she called 911, the police wouldn’t find the guys anyway.

Seattle Fire medics came down to treat the victim’s injuries, but she refused further treatment because she was anxious to leave to make it to an appointment at a local methadone clinic. Responding police found some security cameras at a business near where the victim said the robbery took place, and they made plans to see the video when the business was open.

Purse snatch          

Police responded at 3:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 2, to a 911 report of a robbery that occurred near Bellevue Avenue East and East Olive Way.

The victim said she’d been walking southbound on Bellevue Avenue, at the intersection with Olive Way, when two men walked past her in the opposite direction. As they passed, one of the men reached out and grabbed her purse, elbowing her in the face.

The two suspects took off northbound on Bellevue Avenue. The victim said her purse contained her wallet, ID, passport, car and apartment keys.

Busted front door           

Police responded at 7:45 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4, to an alarm call at a business in the 3400 block of East Mercer Street.

They found the building’s front door standing open and the glass broken out. Officers found a rock just inside the door, likely thrown through the glass. No one was found during a search of the building.

Unable to reach a business owner, officers secured the front door as best they could and left.

ATM theft           

At 5:15 a.m. on Dec. 2nd police at 5:15 a.m. Friday, Dec. 2, responded to an alarm trip at a convenience store in the 2800 block of East Madison Street. Police found the front doors forced open — one completely removed — and soon discovered an ATM had been stolen. Dispatch reported about 10 minutes later that the ATM was later found in an alley near the 2800 block of Harvard Avenue East.

The storeowner called police back to the scene two hours later, where officers reviewed security video.

Two men were seen backing up a white van to the store’s front doors. After attempting to pry the doors open, the suspect used a chain to try to pull the doors open. This simply pulled the handle off the door. The suspects eventually rammed the doors open with the van. The suspects entered the store and pushed over the ATM, sliding the machine across the floor to the front doors before loading it inside the van.

The store owner told police he was using the ATM as a safe, and there was $10,000 of store money inside the ATM and $3,000 inside the ATM for customers.

Stolen bike           

A couple living in the xx called 911 at 7:40 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, to report a burglary at their house. They said they were away from home between 4 p.m. and 7:15 p.m., and found the garage door standing open and a bike missing when they returned.

They said they weren’t 100 percent sure the garage door was secured when they left. The garage is attached to the house and can only be entered using the automatic garage door opener or through the door to the house. There were no signs of forced entry, indicating the garage door was probably not all the way closed.

The stolen bike was a small carbon fiber REI Ghost Nivolet. The victims valued it at $1,642.