He said he’d stepped outside to make a call and noticed there was a man sitting on the sidewalk playing loud music. He asked the man to turn down the music, and the man jumped up and started punching the victim. 

Cute dog

Witnesses to an assault flagged down a bike patrol officer in the area of 10th Avenue East and East Pike Street at 2:57 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 18, pointing out two victims. 

The male victim said he wanted to steal the dog, causing the men to become upset. All three men attacked the male victim, and when the female victim tried to intervene the men hit her over the head and stole her Michael Kors purse. 

Police were unable to locate the suspects.  

She said she was on her iPhone while walking northeast on Madison Street, when she noticed a man was walking very closely behind her. While she was placing the phone in the purse, the man grabbed her hand and tried to take the phone away from her. A struggle ensued, where the victim and suspect were both pulling on the phone until the victim heard the phone make a snapping noise. Once the suspect successfully pulled the phone out of the victim’s hand, he ran away southwest on Madison. 

The victim and police traced the phone to a nearby parking lot using the victim’s Find My Phone app, but did not find the suspect or recover the phone. 

She said she was in her kitchen making coffee between 8 and 9 a.m. She heard some noises coming from outside her open living room window, but didn’t think much of it until her two cats bolted off the couch and hid under the bed. She went into the living room and saw a man cutting the screen to the open window. The burglar stopped when he saw her, turned around and ran away. 

Shed burglary