By Brandon Macz

SDOT began constructing the $135-million project in spring 2012, primarily financed by Sound Transit and $2.5 million coming from the city. Following a lengthy delay by streetcar manufacturer Czech company Inekon, the First Hill Streetcar launched in late January.

Average weekday ridership for April 14-30 was 2,305 and 3,158 May 3-14. Ridership spiked during SDOT's free-ride Thursday promotions in May, reaching nearly 4,000 rides on May 5 and around 3,700 rides on May 12, when the Capitol Hill Chamber held a celebration event in conjunction with Art Walk.

"We"ve only been running for a couple months, so I think that's a good start," James said. "We"ve also heard form the community that they're really liking the free ride support for the community events."

James said more free trips are planned for June, July and August.

"We're still going through the learning of what our new system is and operating it," he said.

"The consultant team is working on it and kind of refining its study," James said. "It's our intention to work closely with the Capitol Hill neighborhood with this project."

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