A 20-year-old Seattle man recently released from prison in August for a robbery conviction is being held on $500,000 bail for allegedly robbing the Broadway East Wells Fargo two months later.

Murtezan Bekteshi is alleged to have entered the Wells Fargo bank, 401 Broadway E., around 10:43 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 22, wearing a dark knit cap, sunglasses, a dark hooded sweatshirt, thick gloves, paint-stained jeans and white sneakers. According to a police report, one bank teller told investigators she was immediately concerned by the man’s appearance, as was the customer she was assisting — a former bank employee.

Bekteshi allegedly approached another teller, but did not say anything for some time, according to the report, then said, “What are you waiting for, give me the money,” adding he did not want any “trackers or ink packs.” The teller reported the man spoke with what she believed was a Russian accent.

The other teller pushed the silent alarm and removed a large cash transaction she had been handling, according to the report, and then walked to the back office to notify the bank manager. The suspect was walking out of the bank by the time the manager entered the lobby.

Officers were unable to locate the robbery suspect, a detective assigned to the case issuing a bulletin to SPD officers on Oct. 25. One officer contacted the detective, stating they had made contact with someone matching the description, which was Bekteshi.

Bekteshi was charged with second-degree robbery in King County Superior Court in January 2014, which was reduced to fourth-degree assault by way of a plea agreement. Two weeks after his release, Bekteshi was again charged with second-degree robbery, for robbing the Inn at Queen Anne in May 2014, according to court records. He was also suspected in several other robbery attempts, including another hotel and a Bank of America.

The detective investigating the Wells Fargo robbery compared bank security photos with a 2014 booking photo for Bekteshi and then contacted the Department of Corrections, as Bekteshi was on parole and had been released from prison at the end of August, according to the police report. Bekteshi was provided a three-month housing voucher to stay at The Unity House in the 800 block of 23rd Avenue, where a DOC officer reported he’d spoken with a client who said he’d leant Bekteshi a pair of paint-stained jeans prior to the bank robbery, according to the police report, and seen him with a large amount of cash two days later. He added Bekteshi had asked him about purchasing a handgun, the report states.

Police requested Bekteshi’s parole officer direct him to report to the DOC office on Oct. 27, where he was searched as a condition of his supervision. According to the police report, he was found in possession of 10 $2 bills. Of the $1,229 stolen during the Wells Fargo bank robbery, the report states 11 $2 bills were issued to the suspect.

A search warrant was served and clothing, gloves and sunglasses matching the robbery suspect were allegedly found in Bekteshi’s room.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office’s deadline to decide on filing charges is Tuesday, Nov. 1.