Seattle Police say a fight that broke out between two men at Neighbours Nightclub early Sunday morning grew into a larger disturbance once they were moved outside by security.

Detective Mark Jamieson said the early morning fight started inside the nightclub at 1509 Broadway, but was moved outside by security, where it continued.

“Somebody else got involved, the disturbance got a little bigger, where it spilled out into the street where there was another gathering,” Jamieson.

The fighting escalated with more people involved, with a witness saying one person involved may have been struck with a wrench or another object, the detective said.

“No one can really verify that,” Jamieson said. “That guy doesn’t really want to stick around or cooperate, so he leaves.”

Witnesses also reported to responding officers hearing at least one gunshot, then seeing a man running down Broadway and possibly throwing a firearm in a trash can.

“Officers were there within a minute,” Jamieson said, “and searched and did not find a gun, did not find shell casings.”