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Photos by Brandon Macz: Customers check out the Night Market at Chophouse Row on Wednesday, Nov. 9.
Photos by Brandon Macz: Customers check out the Night Market at Chophouse Row on Wednesday, Nov. 9.
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 6:57 AM
Bar Ferd’nand owner Matt Dillon is connecting people to small farmers inside the Chophouse Row courtyard in Capitol Hill, but says he’s not looking to create a new farmers market to compete with the many that already exist in Seattle.
  • Gossett receives update on Jimi Hendrix Park
    Friends of Jimi Hendrix Park members paid a visit to King County Councilmember Larry Gossett’s office last week, to thank him for advocating for a $35,000 contribution toward Phase II of the park and provide a status update.
  • Airport Lawyer connects travelers with legal assistance
    While President Donald Trump’s travel ban affecting seven majority Muslim countries is in flux, a new web application started in Seattle that connects attorneys with immigrants and refugees coming into the United States remains a highly used resource.
  • Sawant: 'We ain't done yet'
    Mayor Ed Murray got a phone call with a clear message on Saturday afternoon: Seattle's residents want the city to divest from fossil fuels.
  • Understanding 'white privilege'
    Capitol Hill resident Amanda Friedman had little clue about what “white privilege” meant until recently. Although she grew up in California’s Orange County and was aware of racism, the latest “aha” moment came when she compared what happened when she was pulled over by a police officer a few months ago to what happened to one of her African-American friends in the same situation just a few days ago.
  • Women’s March-ing orders
    Following the Women's March on Jan. 21, the national movement began its 10 Actions for the First 100 Days campaign, where communities come together and visualize a more equitable world and the steps needed to reach that future.
  • Coalition explores water conservation strategies for Volunteer Park
    The Volunteer Park Sustainability Coalition provided findings from its park-wide feasibility study for improving water usage during an open house Thursday in the conservatory.
  • Century Ballroom celebrating 20 years with full February schedule
    Before Hallie Kuperman waltzes into the first of many events planned for the Century Ballroom’s 20th anniversary celebration next month, she’s hopeful she’ll have a new lease signed that keeps people dancing in the Capitol Hill space for years to come.
  • Seattle students walk out on Trump
    Hundreds of Seattle students took their excused absences Friday, joining a national socialist walkout to protest the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump and demonstrate resistance to harmful actions expected under his administration.
  • SugarPill, Substantial create open-source designs for civic action
    SugarPill owner Karyn Schwartz is used to customers coming in and asking for help with depression and anxiety. After Donald Trump won the presidency, she said she realized what she wanted to prescribe were ways to take effective action against intolerance and injustice.
  • Be: Seattle launches Tenant Rights Bootcamp
    On Jan. 11, community organizing nonprofit Be:Seattle and the Legal Action Center held the first of six Tenant Rights Bootcamps to take place across the city through March.
  • Mayors address homelessness in Seattle, San Francisco
    Last Wednesday’s conversation between Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and San Francisco counterpart Mayor Ed Lee started with a pun — “Two Eds think better than one.”
  • UPDATE: Transgender woman launches Sunday protest against Seattle First Baptist Church
    Joined by members of the local group Recover the World, Lizzi Duff held a protest outside Seattle First Baptist Church in First Hill on Sunday, Jan. 15, alleging discrimination led to her being forced out of the volunteer-placement organization Companis. Companis, however, vehemently denies the claim, which appears may potentially to turn into a legal action against the church.
  • Community mourns loss of Amy Vanderbeck
    Amy Vanderbeck was complicated, blunt, funny, compassionate, profane, troubled, smart and, as witnessed by those who could squeeze through the doors to the Century Ballroom on Friday, loved by many in the Capitol Hill community and beyond.
  • FHIA seeks artists for I-5 pillars
    The First Hill Improvement Association has released a call for artists to develop an art concept for a project to paint more than 70 columns under Interstate 5, between Cherry and James streets.
  • Making a historical society
    More than 30 people turned out for the inaugural meeting of the Capitol Hill Historical Society at the Capitol Hill Public Library on Saturday. The purpose was to determine how and what its focus should be, where its strengths are and how to achieve its goals.
  • Womxn's March on Seattle addressing Trump administration
    The Women’s March on Washington was announced a few days after the Nov. 8 election results were in. Lamenting work or finances would prevent them from attending, a group of women in Seattle decided to show solidarity at home.
  • Seattle Communists holding Revolutionary Study Groups
    The Seattle chapter of the Communist Labor Party hosts bi-monthly Revolutionary Study Groups around the neighborhood, to facilitate ideas that will help fuel the party’s main goals. The Capitol Hill-based organization holds the discussions around the neighborhood, and everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Earth2Trump

    The Center for Biological Diversity is moving in two directions, with both routes leading to Washington, D.C., where the nonprofit conservation organization will be among a number of protesters of president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration day on Jan. 20.

  • City crafts HALA open house at Optimism Brewing
    Optimism Brewing will be buzzing with activity during a Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda open house 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 10, that will double as a connection to many more city programs and projects in the pipeline.
  • Community council plans 2017 focus during Winter Celebration
    The Capitol Hill Community Council hosted its third annual Winter Celebration at Vermillion on Thursday, Dec. 15, where community members celebrated the council's work throughout the year and provided feedback on what the organization should focus on in the upcoming year.
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