“We’ve been looking to do a chicken and rice place, a Thai street food place, for a while,” Srisuthiamorn said.

“It just fell in our laps and we took the opportunity,” Srisuthiamorn said.

Khao Man Gai is a Thai chicken and rice dish, which Srisuthiamorn said will be available in a steamed and fried version at her restaurant, anticipated to open in late October. The dish is currently available at Ayutthaya on Fridays, and comes with a soup made from chicken stock and will have a slice of winter melon on the bottom. 

Srisuthiamorn spent fourth through sixth grades living with her aunt in Thailand, where she learned to read and write Thai, and also an appreciation for street food, she said.

Srisuthiamorn’s restaurant will keep the two bars — one upstairs — in the old Bauhaus space, but wants the look inside to be a surprise, she said, with the goal of making her restaurant a hangout spot.

The fast-casual restaurant will take orders at the counter and bring customers’ food to their tables and booths. 

Ayutthaya will turn 30 next July.