Postal Plus is now open for business in its new spot in Capitol Hill, and postmaster Ed Zhang is happy with the change.

“It turned out to be a better place,” he told the Capitol Hill Times. “The color of the building matches our sign. It’s very pretty.”

Zhang had been operating from his small outpost at 1463 E. Republican since 1987, but needed to find a new location when he learned his rent would nearly double. There is now the potential for former neighbor Ruckus pot shop to expand into Zhang’s old space.

Zhang reopened Monday at 1211 E. Denny Way, between 12th and 13th avenues, after moving in over the weekend. He said there is still some remodeling left to be done, which he expects to have mostly completed this week.

“I can operate the basics, everything we can do,” he said. “The only thing is credit cards, but most neighbors can pay check.”