After some permitting delays, Redhook plans to open its Capitol Hill brewery inside the Pike Motorworks building in August.

Previously scheduled to open in fall 2016, the brewpub was delayed to March due to construction permitting issues.

“They’re slated to be open in August of this year, and so it’s frankly all been construction hammering out so far anyway,” said Kyle Mallory with Sasquatch, a Portland-based public relations firm working for Redhook.

“We’re still in a pretty early construction phase, but things are moving around, starting to take shape,” said Nick Crandall, the Redhook Ale Brewery innovation brewer tasked with creating small-batch brews in the Capitol Hill brewpub’s eight-barrel system.

The brewpub will have 16 taps and two bars, a horseshoe-shaped one in the front and an L-shaped spot in the back.

There won’t be any distributing going on at the Redhook brewpub, Crandall said, rather the brewing system will be used to create small-batch collaboration beers with Seattle-area breweries.

“We’re trying to launch with 16 different collaboration beers,” Crandall said, “so a bunch of those will actually be made out of other breweries to get all of the beers done and ready on that kind of a timeframe.”

The eight-barrel system and brewpub will likely be finished in late July, however, it takes four to six weeks to fill, ferment and have beer ready to serve.

“Then I’ve got a pretty big backlog of recipes over the years that I’ve been wanting to use and go through,” Crandall said.

The pub menu is still being developed, he said, and will likely only be about 12 items.

“It’s a pretty small kitchen. We’re going to have a pizza oven, so that’s probably going to be one of the big focuses and how we can utilize that,” Crandall said.

Redhook started in Ballard back in 1981, later moving to Fremont. It moved to Woodinville in 1994, where it operates today, also producing beers under contract, such as Pabst Blue Ribbon. The company opened a sister brewery in New Hampshire in 1996. Its Fremont pub, The Trolleyman, closed in 2002. In 2008, Redhook merged with Widmer Brothers, forming the Craft Brew Alliance, which is headquarterd in Portland.

“I’m excited to get in the space and kind of just be in Capitol Hill,” Crandall said, “and sort of play with everything that’s there and meld in with the community and just be part of the scene.”