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  • Capitol Hill stabbing suspect charged with attempted murder
    A 30-year-old Capitol Hill man alleged to have stabbed his partner 25 times inside an apartment unit at The Lyric on Jan. 11 has been charged with one count of attempted murder in the first degree and first-degree assault.
  • YouthCare, Capitol Hill Housing to partner on homeless youth opportunity center
    The Washington Department of Commerce has accepted the only bid received to create a homeless youth opportunity center in Capitol Hill, and will be moving forward with nonprofit YouthCare and Capitol Hill Housing.
  • Mayor announces short-term housing proposal
    Students at the Seattle Vocational Institute briefly put down their hammers and saws on Wednesday, so Mayor Jenny Durkan could announce her plans to create more tiny houses and short-term measures to addressing affordability and homelessness using $11 million in proceeds from the sale of city-owned South Lake Union property expected to close this summer.
  • Sara Naftaly accepts new Chophouse challenge

    The Naftalys are extending their territory inside Chophouse Row, with Sara Naftaly leading a new fast-casual crêperie concept anticipated to open in late January.
    “I got this as a challenge,” Naftaly said. “The reason I took it was the offer was a little too good to pass up, and it’s very challenging.”

  • Historic Galbraith House coming down
    Sound has no immediate plans for its 17th Avenue property where the historic Galbraith House is in the process of being salvaged and then demolished, its demise determined necessary due to safety concerns.
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  • Dreams of civil rights leaders continue
    Malcolm X’s third daughter Ilyasah Shabazz shared her memories about her father and civil rights leader the importance of knowing history and how it affects the future, and our responsibility as community members to continue the fight with injustice by any means necessary during the fourth annual Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Day at First Baptist Church on Jan. 11.
  • Machine House Brewery opening Central District taproom

    After five years in Georgetown, Machine House Brewery is opening a sister taproom and soccer bar in the Central District.
    “We’re doing pretty good,” said co-owner Bill Arnott about Machine House. “Our product, it requires a lot of care, so we’re trying to expand taprooms to try to control the experience and just make sure the beer is always served the way we want it to be and explained to people the right way.”

  • Students advancing conversations about consent
    Washington Congresswoman Suzan DelBene says the United States is at a point in time where conversations about sexual harassment and consent are critically important, and on Friday she thanked two members of Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council for doing that work with their peers in schools around the region.
  • Giving black youth Our Best
    National CARES Mentoring Movement founder Susan Taylor says Seattle’s commitment to improving the futures of black youths is an opportunity to be a model for cities around the country, and she looked to the black men in the audience to do their part.
    “What black boys really need is what black men must give."

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